About Us


Neuroblastoma Canada (NC) was founded in October 2010.

Who we are


Neuroblastoma Canada is a national community-based organization dedicated to uniting Canadian neuroblastoma families.


To unite every Canadian neuroblastoma family through open discussion, online resources, and supportive activities.


  1. Integrity and Respect: We focus on providing emotional and informational support to neuroblastoma families with care and honesty.

  2. Dedication and Dependability: We endeavour to create an online community that constantly strives for accuracy and reliability in supporting neuroblastoma families.

  3. Empathy and Courage: We are committed to creating a caring, hopeful and open online community for neuroblastoma families.


Objectives of Neuroblastoma Canada:

  1. Create a website for Canadian neuroblastoma families to connect with one another with the goal of helping families navigate the waters of treatment for this cancer.

  2. Provide information and emotional support for those impacted by neuroblastoma.

  3. Be a meeting place for neuroblastoma Warriors and Survivors.

  4. Be a resource and information source about neuroblastoma, specifically in the Canadian context.

  5. Educate the general public about neuroblastoma. Be a point of outreach into the community.

  6. Support neuroblastoma fundraising initiatives.